Architecture Services

We’ll give you surface, with a smile…

Our processes have been developed and perfected over many years. We offer the latest coating techniques and can carry out very efficient pre-treatments to ensure that after coating, surfaces perform perfectly and look fantastic.

We  can accommodate lengths up to 6.0m. We’re highly customer driven, so we’re very happy to discuss your requirements in detail and provide expert advice as to what works best in specific situations. We want to cost-effectively and efficiently meet your needs, so that you keep coming back to us, and recommending us.

We’re fast, flexible and reliable

Because we’re a comparatively small, family-run business, you’ll find that we’re very responsive and flexible. We can usually turn-round orders very quickly – within days or weeks rather than months. We meet deadlines and we deliver at the agreed time, not hours later. We know that you need components on-site at very precise times. We also understand that sometimes you have to meet impossible deadlines, and we’ll do our very best to help you do so when the need arises.

We’re also very good at communicating: we’ll keep you up-to-date with the progress of your order, and we even have a 24-hour emergency hotline that will be answered by a real human being, not a machine.

And if we ever get it wrong – which does occasionally happen, even in the best-run businesses – we’ll make it up to you by giving you your money back or reprocessing your order free of charge.