Cfi in Architecture

Cfi are metal finishers, specialising in high-performance coatings for metals. We have been helping the architectural industry to do a better job for over thirty years.

Durability guarantees are available. We supply a wide variety of custom-made coated extrusion products that are used all over the world, from Birmingham to Bangkok and beyond.

We can produce many types of finishes including architectural, decorative, textured, anti-graffiti, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, low-friction and ultra-thin and now an anti slip coating for decking and walkways..

Coatings of many colours
  • Colours matched to RAL, BS4800 and BBS381C shades
  • Metal finishing services
  • Aluminium extrusion cutting and machining
  • Mitre-cutting, CNC routing, drilling, punching and radiusing
  • Powder coating to 60-100 microns
  • Shot-blasting to grade SA2.5 (removes scale and rust before finishing)
  • Pre-treatments such as chemical conversion coating or acid etch priming
  • Zinc phosphate priming (70-80 microns, for longer life outdoor use and as a base for decorative polyester powder coating)
  • Metallisation arc spraying of zinc or aluminium onto steel (superior to galvanising; provides an excellent key for decorative coatings; ensures long life component performance and prevents distortion)
  • Galvanising (sub-contracted)
Better quality, at a better price

Our products offer high quality, durability and reliability. And best of all, we’re faster (and up to 40% cheaper) than other companies in this field. How do we achieve this? By using a cunning combination of low overheads and years of experience in perfecting our techniques and technology.